"I want to
stand on the
roof and shout
their praises."

-Henry Murphy-
Satisfied Client
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Our 20% Commission Rebate could
save you thousands of dollars.
North Shore Buyer Brokers LLC
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“Hiring a buyer’s broker costs the home buyer nothing extra.”
Chicago Tribune
“Buyer’s Brokers make a great deal of sense.”
New York Times
“(An) exclusive buyer’s broker aims to get the best deal for
the home buyer.”
Business Week
“Your save big bucks by hiring a buyer’s broker.”
Money Magazine
“You can’t have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you
or someone else.”
Consumer Reports

At North Shore Buyer Brokers we only represent
Buyers.  This exclusive focus eliminates
potential conflicts of interest and guarantees
that we only serve your interests.
Because we do not list homes for sale, we have no financial interest in
which home you buy.  We will provide you an overview of the entire
market with a certainty that we will not try and steer you to a home
listed by a particular brokerage. Every home in the Multiple Listing
Service is given equal consideration, as well as a number of select
For-Sale-By-Owner properties. Our only goal is that you buy the best
possible home at the lowest possible price.

Our services are entirely free to the Buyer.  A Seller who lists their
house with an agent, pays the same amount of commission regardless
of who represents the Buyer.  The only difference is who receives the
cooperating commission.  A Seller might agree to pay a 5% commission
to a listing broker.  If the listing broker brings a Buyer, she keeps the
whole 5%, if the Buyer is represented by another broker, both split the
5%. In fact, with our commission rebate, it is like we are paying you!

At North Shore Buyer Brokers LLC, we rebate 20% of the commission
paid.  The typical cooperating  commission ranges from 2% to 2.5% of
the price paid.  For example, if you buy a home for $1.2 million with a
2.5% cooperating commission, the rebate would be  $6000!

Our consultants have significant experience in real estate.  The real
estate backgrounds of our professionals includes residential brokerage,
residential development, construction, real estate law, urban planning,
real estate finance, and commercial brokerage.  Most of our agents  
have  graduate degrees and have lived on the North Shore for many
years.  Our agents only represent Buyers of real estate and provide the
highest level of service.

In order to negotiate the best price and terms, you need an agent who
represents only your interests.  If you walk into an open house, the
listing agent will be happy to write an offer for you, but they work for
the Seller.  Even if you don't have dual agency, if the agents both work
for the same firm, do you really have an impartial advocate?  

Does your agent give you enough market information to make an
informed negotiation?  We provide our clients with history of the
property in question and a market survey showing recent previous sales
in the area.  
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"Using an
exclusive buyer’s
broker is the only
way to buy a
house.  Not only
did we receive a
large rebate, they
$75,000 off the
asking price."

-Ari B-
Satisfied Client
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